1990 – 1999

Salbatring International was established by Mr. Hetem Ramadani and the name was formed using the names of his first three daughters.

 At start Salbatring International specialized in trading metallurgical related products such as ferroalloys, petroleum and metallurgical cokes as well as coal. In terms of traded volumes, Salbatring International was one of the largest players in the region and showed substantial growth over the following years.

Salbatring’s success was due to the strong partnerships it formed with key organizations, such as ‘INA Oil and Gas Company’ and Engelhard’s group of companies.

In 1994 Salbatring International began its long history with INA as one of its important strategic partners.

In 1997 Salbatring International formed a strategic business alliance with Engelhard, one of the largest organizations in the field of metals, further cementing our position in the industry throughout Europe.

During this time Salbatring was a strategic supplier of Ferrochrome from Albanian company Albchrome to Slovenian Steel industry (Acroni Jesenice). From Macedonian company HEK Jugohrom Jegunovce we have been exporting Ferrosilicon to Italy.

1999 - Present

Due to instability in some of the regions where Salbatring International was present, a diversification of activities was required and Salbatring began to capitalize on resources in other fields, such as the energy and telecommunication sectors. Salbatring teamed up with some of the largest names in the last, such as Motorola, Siemens, Ericsson and General Electric Energy.

In addition to the new industries that we were exploring, Salbatring remained keen on retaining its strong connection in the oil industry.

In 1999 Salbatring and INA formed a new joint venture company to handle the market in Kosovo. In the same year a new long-term contract was signed between Salbatring and INA for all of its production of petroleum cokes. This was a significant contract and led Salbatring to become a strategic partner within the aluminium and steel industry in the region. Partnerships were made with Slovenian company Talum as well as with Slovalco from Slovakia, which is part of the world renowned Hydro Norsk Group.

During that time Salbatring also took on the prestigious name of DHL in Kosovo and operates this business until today.

In late 2005, after a brief spell in the 90's, Salbatring re-established itself in the LPG market by purchasing, on a spot basis, a significant quantities of product from both of INA's refineries.

In January 2006 Salbatring had shown enough competence with continuous spot deals to sign a long-term contract with INA for the majority of its LPG production available for export and started to sell products to some of the major players in the region. Primagaz of SHV Group, Gastrade, Intergaz, Eurogas, Aygas and Shell Gas are just some of the buyers receiving our product.

In order to strengthen the position in the Mediterranean (Med), Salbatring has also developed a strong partnership with the global LPG producer Sonatrach Algeria.

In addition to the vast areas of business that we have entered with new partners, Salbatring has also been concentrating on developing further relationships with existing partners, and in turn strengthening the current network.

The year 2007 was a successful year for Salbatring International where many significant steps were taken in order to make us a one of most dominant suppliers of LPG in the Med.

In addition to lifting the product taken from INA in Croatia and Sonatrach in Algeria, Salbatring managed to secure product from Shell in Lavera.

At that time Salbatring was loading LPG products out of:

  • Algeria
  • France
  • Romania
  • Croatia (vessel and RTC)
  • Greece
  • Italy

And selling it to these regions focusing mainly on end users as our clientele network:

  • Albanian Market
  • Cypriot Market
  • Greek Market
  • Italian Market
  • Romanian Market
  • Austrian Market
  • Polish Market
  • Bulgarian Market
  • Serbian Market
  • Bosnian market

Salbatring has traded 130.000 metric tons of LPG products in 2007 and our sales reached a total of 91 million USD.

In 2008 quantities were expected to double in order to satisfy the growing demand of our clients in the Med and since Salbatring is constantly looking to increase sources of product in order to satisfy our ever-growing demand for LPG in the Med.

With beginning of 2008 Salbatring International was registered to sell oil derivatives (such as Gas Oil) and other products to INA directly. This has further cemented our positioning with our partner in Croatia.

Since then Salbatring has also been heavily trading clean fuels throughout the Med with:

  • INA, Croatia
  • LITASCO, Switzerland
  • LUKOIL Hamburg, Germany
  • EGPC, Egypt
  • Motoroil, Greece
  • OMV, Austria
  • BPP Group, Italy
  • ADDAX ENERGY, Geneva
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